About Me

I've been drawn to the writing craft for as long as I can remember. When I was 13, my mother "encouraged" me to handwrite 120 thank you notes for friends and family who had attended my Bar Mitzvah. Instead of deterring me, it stoked my passion for writing (and for delivering engaging work while meeting deadlines). I've been a content creative ever since. Is my mom proud? Sometimes.

Quick pivot from the story! I'm an experienced copywriter, editor, content producer & strategist, self-trained journalist, and improvisational actor/teacher.


With a background in literature, storytelling, and comedy, I help startups, corporates, and every type of organization in between craft their brand voice, build communications & social media strategies, highlight their innovations and the humans behind them, and punch up all content, ranging from internal comms to external campaigns. 

Your voice matters. I'll help you punch it up. 

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Open Books

I don’t like writing as an expert. I like writing as an amateur. I like writing as an idiot. It’s much more fun to start in ignorance.

– Michael Pollan