Your voice matters -

let me punch it up.

My job - and passion -  is to take your vision and add clarity, creativity, humor, humanity, and the right level of verbosity. Improved engagement and conversion, no matter the audience. 
Your stories (and products & services) are important - I can bring them to life. 

If you’re looking for a copywriter, editor, content strategist, or artistically minded sounding board to craft and elevate your brand voice, you’ve come to the right place. 


I’m an experienced content producer with credits ranging from internal comms at established corporates to creating brand voices from scratch for startups. I can help build (and then test) your content strategy, produce internal and external copy tailor-made for the audiences you hope to reach, and go through your written media with a red pen. 


I look forward to sitting down with you (virtually, maybe one day face-to-face) and finding ways to work together. 


A word after a word    after a word is power.

– Margaret Atwood

My Work

 Full-time Copywriting for ACT Commodities 

This is my current gig! I'm the main copywriter for the sustainable energy commodities company ACT in Amsterdam. For these fine folks I write marketing scripts, campaigns, and social posts, sales-focused texts (pitch and product decks galore), and a whole myriad of other internal and external material (emails? I fine-tune those!). Stay tuned for sweet examples of my sustainable stuff. 

 Internal Comms & Campaigns 

A few examples from my time as an internal copywriter and digital community specialist at the location tech company TomTom. Here you have a few banners, a few emails, and a surprise bit of footwear. 

Unconscious bias banner.png
Unconscious Bias
Winner banner.jpg
Email Quiz
Halloween Quiz email .png
Hackathon Socks
Hackathon socks.jpg

Prose to warm your ankles with

Hackathon socks 2.png

 Interviews and Features (journalism!) 

Here you'll find many examples from my tenure as a freelance journalist and senior staff writer for innovation editorial Startup Guide. Also, check out my author page for the investment platform investiere's in-house blog. And if you want to see a literary-trained writer attempt to write about C2C marketplaces and classifieds, head to AIM Group's site (there's a paywall, but it's totally worth it).

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.00.53 pm.png


Ann Rosenberg / SAP Next-Gen
Expert Article StartupAmsterdam.jpg


Startup Amsterdam
Founder Article Next Closet.jpg


Next Closet
Switzerland Founder Stefan Zanetti.jpg


All Things
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 16.31.27.png


JETRO Experts
Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 1.58.55 pm.png


Africa Green Tech
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 16.31.33.png


Keihanna Science City Experts
Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.01.40 pm.png



My author page featuring some of my favorite work as a writer for VC investiere. 

Investiere image.jpg


"Meet the entrepreneurs aiming to tackle the textile industry by giving clothes 'a second life' "

An interview with two incredible founders in Amsterdam

"Behind Amsterdam’s strong ecosystem and the organizations that got it there"

A feature piece all about Amsterdam's startup ecosystem

"How Asia Pacific Japan has become a beacon for socially conscious innovation"

Learn all about socially conscious startups and innovation in Japan

"What does it really mean to win as a startup today?"

Ann Rosenberg, a former VP at SAP Next-Gen and innovation superhero, teaches you how to reshape what it means to win

"Is a subscription-based business model right for your business? Here's what you need to consider"

A blog feature for Startup Guide all about starting or pivoting your company toward a subscription-based business model. 


 Brand Voice and Social Media 

I’ve helped craft the brand voice, strategy, landing page, Kickstarter campaign, and social media strategy for the innovative new startup Glouv Labs. They make a very cool UV-C accessory for carrying and sanitizing face masks that will hopefully be in all of your pockets and bags soon. 



I conducted interviews and wrote much of the copy for GoodUp’s e-book Purpose Expert Reads Volume 2. It’s one of my favorite projects to date, as it highlights incredible people and their impactful work. Definitely give it a read.

Though not the full book, I did write the Switzerland/Book Forward for Startup Guide’s Switzerland impact guide, and have proofread several other of our volumes.

Power women.jpg

 City Profiles 

In case you want a longer profile on a city or company, here are some longer-form profiles I did for Startup Guide.

Switzerland Christof Klopper.jpg


Amsterdam Essentials.jpg


Amsterdam Essentials
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 16.31.41.png


Kyoto City Article
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 16.31.59.png


Sendai City Article
Screenshot 2020-12-22 at 16.31.51.png


Osaka City Article
"How to strengthen an ecosystem: A conversation with Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa"
Startup Guide Japan – Entire Book

This particular book was a monumental effort, and it was an honor to contribute as much writing as I did.

I definitely recommend checking this one out. 

Startups, Tech & Sustainability (blogs!) 

I've written a bunch about startups, technology and sustainability. Much of it appears above in the interviews and journalism section, but here are some other writing goodies. 

"How SignLab is teaching the world to sign"

This story about an intrepid, truly impactful startup appears in the brand new Impact Index, a Startup Guide project that collects and showcases authentically impactful startups and organizations. Definitely check it out, starting with one of my wee stories. 

"What is pivoting and how do I do it?"

What is pivoting? And how do you do it? For - you guessed it - Startup Guide.

"How to get your hardware startup off the ground"

Have a hardware startup? Let's help you get it running

"What to watch out for when founding a company with friends"

You and your friends have a cool idea for a startup? Here's what to watch out for

“Guide to Secured Credit Cards”

I wrote copy for Harvard University Employee’s Credit Union and learned a lot about the credit system in the US

“Ways to manage finances as a couple”

Harvard University Employee’s Credit Union wisdom on managing finance with your romantic partner

 Products and Events 

“Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo Entrance + Audio Guide” 

An example of product copy for Tiqets

“See you at AWS Benelux Summit 2019”

A bit of event promotion for Mobiquity

“Mobiquity sponsoring Product School Amsterdam event”

Even more event promotion for Mobiquity

 A Few Examples of Editing 

“Mentoring and Coaching – Defining Their Roles and Importance” 

A blog post for Mobiquity with editing and ghostwriting by me

“Cloud, the Multi-Functional Octopus”

Also for Mobiquity - I wish I could have thought up this title

“User Experience Design – An Overview and the Philosophy Behind It”

I did a lot of editing for Mobiquity

“How Can Application Security and Scrum
Live Happy Ever After”

A lot of editing for Mobiquity

A working list of content credits

Glouv Labs

I consulted on their content strategy, write copy for their landing page, fundraising campaigns, marketing video scripts, and social media posts. I like to think I had a hand in helping them cross their first Kickstarter finish line. 


I conduct interviews, research market trends, and write compelling blog content for their VC audience. This is one of my favorite gigs, not only because I like writing about agrivoltaics and solar-powered robots, but also my editor digs Dungeons & Dragons.

Startup Guide

I interview entrepreneurs and industry leaders for the editorial’s guidebook series and media site. Before they decided to go full freelance, I was their Senior Copywriter. I've helped train a few of their newer writers and curated some of the more recent guides.


I wrote internal copy as part of the People Management team. Content included management board bios, company-wide emails, Q&As on work from home policies, staff engagement campaigns, guidelines and tips on dealing with sensitive subjects, and handbooks. 


I conducted all interviews and produced copy for the impact enabler’s second

e-book, Purpose Expert Reads volume II. I got to interview some hugely inspirational impact entrepreneurs, and talked ethics and philosophy with most of them!


I wrote product and marketing copy for the cool ticketing site that partners with venues all over the world. My pies de resistance was a product page advertising a modest but picturesque cathedral.

Harvard University Employee’s Credit Union

I wrote blog articles to help guide readers in building credit, choosing the right mortgage, and more. I was also their first remote worker. A Harvard (credit union) first!

Creative Group

I contributed to email campaigns, with a focus on user retention. My main focus was on their newest product, Recharge, which allowed users to super easily transfer money via mobile phones. My audience was all second language speakers, so I got to use my TEFL teaching certificate for that one. 


Working with the lead designer and content manager, I wrote marketing and social media copy for the fleet management company. Their offices were surprisingly fancy. Good coffee, too. 


A recent client of mine, they specialize in Reusables as a Service. So, you know, they're contributing to the fight against single-use plastics. I only wrote copy for one of their catalogues, but I mention them because I really like their environmental focus. 


I wrote blog entries and marketing copy, and got to translate high level tech knowledge into human stories. My one regret? I never used their prominently displayed ping-pong table. 

AIM Group

I wrote news briefs and feature reports for the leading C2C marketplaces and classifieds consultancy and news site. My crowning achievement was reporting on why in the Netherlands dominates the Dutch world of mortgages. 


Apologies if this comes across as forward, but if you've made it this far and you've liked my style, we should probably chat over a virtual coffee and find some way to collaborate. Just a thought. Thanks for reading! 

Black and White Typewriter

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.

– Isaac Asimov